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Planning Ahead

Bringing the right documents from your home country can save you time and money- Find out what you need.


Glossary of Terms

Unsure about some of the terms used in the insurance business? Click below for a glossary of insurance terms and definitions commonly used in the business.




Jacob Street professionals specialize in relocation and have the skill and experience vital to delivering top quality service and products at competitive rates. Our combination of multiple insurance carrier partners and personal counseling ensures that you have the proper coverage for your needs whether that is a simple renter policy or a comprehensive risk management solution.Jacob Street offers insurance within the United States and Internationally.


Our philosophy is simple:

  • Provide personalized services.
  • Deliver competitive rates
  • Make the process as clear and easy as possible
  • Offer a good value of price, coverage and service


We offer:

  • Pre-departure advice concerning essential documents, please see our Planning Ahead page
  • Needs assessment by phone (US only), email or our web portal
  • A secure website that safeguards data and ensures privacy
  • Briefing on policies and explanation of terms
  • Competitive quotes from multiple insurance
  • 24 hour call center for reporting claims

Within the United States:









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