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Jacob Street International Liability Insurance

No matter where you go in the world, Jacob Street Belongings & Liability Insurance has you and your belongings covered. Not only does it protect you against losses to tangible property, it also automatically provides insurance against worldwide personal liability exposures. It can even cover you and your family against political risk, particularly important in countries where instability is a concern.


Personal Liability

  • This coverage is worldwide and protects you and your family against law suits resulting from unintentional bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage. Defense costs are included.
  • This policy covers "Neighbors and Tenants Liability", thus providing protection against any third party damages for which you may be held liable.
  • Included in our insurance are medical payments to others, coverage against bodily injury caused unintentionally to a third party by you or a family member. Our partner will pay up to $25,000 per injured person.
  • For the unauthorized use of credit cards and loss caused by forgery or the acceptance of counterfeit money.

Personal Excess Liability

  • Coverage applies anywhere in the world after all primary liability insurance limits have been exhausted.
  • Coverage will pay for legal defense costs (when applicable) from the first dollar.
  • Where local statutes prohibit the insurer from defending the insured, the insurance carrier will cover reimbursements for legal defense costs incurred.
  • Limits of up to $5,000,000 are available online.


Loss Examples for International Belongings and Liability Insurance

The following are actual examples of events covered by XN Global® Belongings & Liability Insurance, which could affect you and your family.

  • While you are residing in India, thieves enter your leased apartment making off with all your electronic equipment and vandalizing your home. This insurance program would reimburse as follows:

The cost to replace your electronic equipment, using current market values. If necessary, the cost of importing replacement equipment from an overseas vendor; including tariffs and duties. If your lease agreement holds you responsible for building damages, we would pay the cost of making good all vandalized areas of your dwelling.

  • During lunch in Paris you notice your watch is missing. This insurance program could reimburse you in two different ways:

If your watch were specifically insured, we would pay the limit of coverage on your Valuable Articles endorsement and the standard $200 deductible amount would not apply.

  • While you are living temporarily overseas, your child, attending university in your country of origin, has her apartment broken into. Among the stolen items is a laptop computer. This insurance program would indemnify you as follows:

Payment of the full value of the laptop computer and other lost items, without deduction for depreciation.

  • While at your condominium in Brazil, your residence employee accidentally slips on your kitchen floor, causing injuries requiring medical treatment.

XN Global® will pay up to $25,000 for any necessary medical expenses incurred by your residence employee.

  • While living at your apartment in Germany, your spouse is involved in an automobile accident leaving a person paralyzed for life.

If you had purchased Personal Excess Liability, XN Global® Belongings & Liability Insurance would respond if a lawsuit were brought against your spouse. If our defense was unsuccessful and the court awarded damages to the plaintiff, we would pay up to the limit of liability purchased. Defense costs are over and above the policy limit.

  • While you are living temporarily in Sudan, the government unilaterally seizes the property of all foreign nationals. You are asked to leave the country with little more than a suitcase. You estimate your loss for abandoned belongings at $100,000.

If you have Personal Property limits of $100,000 and Political Risk Insurance, this insurance program will fully reimburse your loss without any deduction for depreciation.

  • While you are in Japan, an earthquake damages several antique pieces of furniture.

This insurance program would indemnify you up to the Personal Property limits specified on your policy.

  • High water from a flood in Taiwan damages the carpet and personal belongings in an insured's home.

XN Global® Belongings & Liability Insurance covers damages related to floods.

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