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Planning Ahead

Bringing the right documents from your home country can save you time and money- Find out what you need.


Glossary of Terms

Unsure about some of the terms used in the insurance business? Click below for a glossary of insurance terms and definitions commonly used in the business.



Welcome to Jacob Street!


Jacob Street Partners was founded on the belief that international assignees deserve access to high quality insurance coverage at reasonable rates and receive expert counseling from professionals who understand both insurance AND relocation. We don’t think that is too much to expect so we have partnered with some of the best companies in the insurance business and created the first and only program designed specifically to meet that need.

As a foreign national arriving in the United States getting renter or auto insurance can be a frustrating experience. Complex forms filled with insurance industry jargon and requirements of information you either don’t know or don’t have readily available are time consuming and exasperating. Lack of US driving or credit history often leads to needlessly high premiums or even refusal of coverage by insurance providers that simply do not have experience working with expatriates. Planning ahead and partnering with Jacob Street will alleviate those concerns.

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